Property ownership can be an overwhelming venture for unsuspecting real estate investors and homeowners.

Many do not foresee the stresses of maintaining real estate, keeping their units occupied, and interacting with difficult tenants/occupants.

Our founder witnessed firsthand the negative effects of negligent landlords/property owners.  He wanted to alleviate the growing number of

abandoned and neglected properties.  High vacancy rates, tenant dissatisfaction, unkempt landscaping, abandoned buildings,

and depreciating property values initiated the first property management contract in the early 90's that eventually led to the birth of Delta Network Corporation.

After experiencing a major transformation in their properties and profits, our initial clients began to discuss the merits of utilizing the property management services

of Delta Network Corporation, and from word of mouth and a persistent sales team, our business grew very fast. Expansion has led us to construction,

marketing, and managing properties all across the United States.

Delta Network Corporation clients are impressed by our extensive attention to detail, and our unwavering desire for excellence.

We offer a full range of services that many clients cannot receive from rival companies. Our staging, decoration, renovation,

and construction services are an unexpected touch from which our clients benefit. We have assisted our clients with transforming dilapidated buildings

into profitable apartment communities, have aided clients with renovating abandon homes into successful rental properties, and a whole lot more!

Delta Network Corporation takes great pride in the products we offer and the clients that we serve.

Please contact us so that we may serve you.

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